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Estero Bay Birth Services offers pregnancy and birth doula support to families in San Luis Obispo County. How can we help you?

Benifits of a Birth Doula

34% less risk of being dissatisfied with the birth experience

Doula support increase birth satifaction by helping clients make their own unique birth decisions.

28% less risk of a Cesarean

When woman feel confident birthing it encourages labor to progress at its own rate. This lowers the risk of an unnessesary Cesarean.

31% less use of Pitocin

Doula support increases the chance of spontaneous labor and lowers inductions rates.

14% less risk of newborns needing to go the the special care nursery

A positve birth for the mother can translate to a positive birth for the baby.

9% decrease in Pain Medication

A doula is trained to help a birthing woman utilize natural pain relieving techniques to minimize discomfort in labor.

40 minute shorter labor

The security and comfort a doula provides helps the birthing women overcome the sensations of labor and meet her baby faster.